Ankh Triarch

The Ankh of the Triarch, ancient symbol of the Necron Empire

Quantum Shielding is an arcane defensive Necron technology that defies examination. Many Necron vehicles are protected by Quantum Shielding, which consists of layers of additional defensive energy shielding that exists out of phase with the rest of the vehicle until the moment enemy projectiles impact the vehicle's surface. Quantum Shielding thus only truly exists in the normal space-time continuum at the moment of deflection -- at all other times there is no indication of its presence.

Many a Necron vehicle's delicate appearance belies its robust manufacture, constructed as it is of the living metal known as Necrodermis and with the bulk of its protection provided by undetectable Quantum Shielding. If a vehicle's Quantum Shielding is penetrated, it dissipates, after which it cannot be activated again for some time.

The use of Quantum Shielding in the manufacture of Necron vehicles also allows the potent anti-gravitic Necron skimmer vehicles to remain light and manoeuvrable whilst still having a level of protection that is much greater than that given by the inferior armour of the less advanced starfaring races.

Though a determined assault can still breach these potent energy fields, Quantum Shielding normally buys the vehicle enough time to safely withdraw from combat.

The known Necron vehicles protected by Quantum Shielding include the Catacomb Command Barge, Annihilation Barge, Doomsday Ark, Ghost Ark, Tesseract Ark and the Triarch Stalker.


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