Ion turret2

A Quad Ion Turret deployed on a Razorshark

A Quad Ion Turret is a T'au Ion Weapon that is essentially a battery of four linked Ion Rifles designed as a primary weapon for Razorshark strike fighters. Developed during the T'au Empire's Third Sphere Expansion and based on Ion Weapons technology acquired as part of a fruitful alliance between the Syrr'Tok Brotherhood of the Demiurg and the Water Caste of the Dal'yth Sept, a Quad Ion Turret is capable of engaging enemies at range with high energy ion streams, vaporising flesh and metal with equal ease. These high-energy particles are accelerated by an electromagnetic field and react explosively with the target as a result of the direct transfer of energy at an atomic level.

A Quad Ion Turret is mounted on a gimbal turret on the rear underside of a Razorshark, allowing the weapon to hit targets in all directions. Many an enemy aircraft has found itself under assault by a fusillade of deadly ion streams as T’au aircraft streak past. Linked as a battery, the Ion Rifles that make up a Quad Ion Turret give the weapon system a high rate of fire, and their strength allows them to engage heavy infantry, light vehicles, and aircraft equally effectively. As with all Tau Ion Weapons, a Quad Ion Turret's design allows for the weapon to be overcharged by exposing the reactive Mor'tonium power source to the environment, though this also exposes the vehicle to the dangerous ionising radiation emitted by the Mor'tonium, and risks overloading its primary power cells. Overcharging the Quad Ion Turret allows it to generate a massive explosive blast with increased damage compared to its normal fire mode, allowing the Razorshark to vaporise entire squads in a single salvo.


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