M1030660 centratimarine

A Black Templar Space Marine, adorned with campaign badges earned in the Purging of Centrati's Eye

The Purging of Centrati's Eye was an unexpected Crusade undertaken by elements of the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter against a pirate fleet of the Dark Eldar. A great defence station in orbit above the newly colonised Imperial Frontier World of Centrati came under attack from a Dark Eldar lightning raid. The station, referred to as "Centrati's Eye" by the garrisoned Imperial Guard troops, soon fell to the attackers. All remaining crew were rounded up in chains and sent to the Dark Eldar's mysterious home of Commorragh in the Webway as slaves to face a fate worse than death as the Dark Eldar specialised in torture and suffering intended to provide their own souls with nourishment and prevent Slaanesh from claiming them.

This was apparently not enough for the savage xenos, as they began to charge up the powerful weapons adorning the Centrati's Eye space station, and then brought them to bear against the human settlements on the planet. Thousands of colonists and many years' worth of Imperial investment in the new colony were instantly vaporised.

The Battle

Unknown to the Dark Eldar, a Black Templar Battle Barge was stationed in orbit on the other side of the planet. The Black Templars had been called to the planet a week earlier to assist in the "removal" of an intelligent alien species native to the planet that had been slowing the human colonisation process. Upon receiving the distress voxes emanating from the orbiting defence platform, along with the massive energy discharge directed at the planet, the Dark Eldar threat was realised. The Black Templars are well known for their utter hatred of the Eldar, and after uttering a short battle oath swearing not to rest until the Dark Eldar xenos were utterly destroyed, Thunderhawks scrambled to pick up the ground forces and rendezvous with the Battle Barge. Within an hour of the devastating blast from Centrati's Eye, the Black Templars were on their way to drive out the Dark Eldar and exact vengeance. On reaching the station, however, the Black Templars found that another force had already begun the attack on the Dark Eldar pirates. The Dark Eldar's counterparts from the Craftworlds had appeared out of nowhere to battle their twisted counterparts. Faced with such large numbers of xenos, the Black Templars unleashed a devastating attack upon both Eldar forces.


Although the fighting did ultimately spill over onto the planet's surface, both alien forces were decimated over the coming months by the Black Templars' assault. Centrati's Eye was ultimately retaken and cleansed of the xenos taint while Centrati itself was made safe for further human colonisation and incorporation into the Emperor's realm.


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