A T'au Pulse Submunitions Cannon

A Pulse Submunitions Cannon is an advanced and very large T'au Pulse Weapon that utilises pulsed electromagnetic induction fields to propel lethal micro-bursts of plasma over extremely long ranges. A Pulse Submunitions Cannon, similar to the smaller Pulse Submunitions Rifle, is a newly developed form of Pulse Weapon, designed to saturate large areas with plasma pulses at range.

Unlike standard Pulse Weapons, these powerful cannons fire clusters of sophisticated micro-submunitions that detonate in close proximity to their target in a storm of separate pulse-discharges, showering a wide area with deadly effect.

Larger targets such as bulky infantry, monstrous creatures and vehicles inevitably suffer proportionally greater harm from Pulse Submunitions Cannons, as they can be struck with a wave of near-simultaneous detonations, magnifying the blast and ripping them apart.

Pulse Submunitions Cannons have an extreme range and generally are used in a heavy long-range fire support role. Pulse Submunitions Cannons are only wielded in pairs by XV107 R'varna Battlesuits, which can also nova-charge the weapon systems via its Dark Matter Nova Reactor and double their rate of fire.


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