Pule bomb generator

A Sun Shark's Pulse Bomb Generator.

A Pulse Bomb Generator is a form of T'au Pulse Weapon that utilises pulsed induction fields to generate lethal bombs of plasma and drop them over enemy targets. A Pulse Bomb Generator is a primary weapon system for a Sun Shark bomber, and is mounted underneath the aircraft's rear hull.

When activated, a Pulse Bomb Generator produces a ball of deadly plasma beneath the aircraft in the course of spinning its generating mechanisms. At the pilot's command, a pulsed electromagnetic induction field propels the glaring energy ball towards targets on the battlefield below.

Sizzling the air around it, the Pulse Bomb explodes on the ground with an incandescent fury, spreading destruction over a wide radius.

An extremely effective weapon against infantry, once fired, a Pulse Bomb Generator will immediately begin to form another destructive charge, ready to be dropped when another suitable target is reached.

Sometimes, however, a persistent glitch from the weapon's early days as a prototype results in a power failure, meaning the Sun Shark cannot drop further Pulse Bombs until Earth Caste engineers can reconfigure the weapon's micro-power plant.


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