A Psy-Jammer is a somewhat esoteric example of techno-arcana. These devices can at least partially disrupt psychic energy and offers some degree of protection against the dark arts of the psyker and the witch. Expensive and rare, their use is largely restricted to the agents of the Inquisition, the Adeptus Mechanicus itself and those among the Imperium's elites whose paranoia often matches their vast wealth.

Much more powerful examples of anti-psy technology do exist but they have a tendency to be exceedingly rare and are often unique. Psy-Jammers can be obtained in two types: a protective amulet and a cranial implant. The amulet has the disadvantage that it can be physically removed; but while the implant cannot be so easily countered, it can have unpleasant long-term side effects for the user.

Psy Dampers

Psy Dampers are not portable devices like Psy-Jammers; their arcane workings can take up a space larger than some vehicles and require large amounts of power. These devices surround their area of effect with a multilayered lattice of psycho-absorbent alloys and psycho-reactive crystalline fibres.

The anti-psychic field they generate requires some time to become fully effective after it initially powers up. The Damper requires even more time to subside, its effects lasting for a considerable a while after deactivation. These devices are extremely rare, and cannot normally be purchased by anyone, even on the black market.


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