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Prophets of the Blighted Path warband colour scheme

The Prophets of the Blighted Path are a warband of Chaos Space Marines drawn from the Word Bearers Traitor Legion who currently reside within the permanent Warp Storm, known as the Screaming Vortex, on the boundary of the Great Warp Storms that separate the Calixis Sector from the Koronus Expanse. The Screaming Vortex is a known haven for Chaos Renegades and Heretics. It is one of the zones within the region of the Halo Stars known as the Great Warp Storms, which takes the form of a vast, seething cauldron of Empyreal energies, every bit as intense as those that spew from the Eye of Terror and the Maelstrom.

These frightening warriors have long maintained their presence within the Screaming Vortex. The Prophets maintain a potent force within their fastness, an orbital fortress trailing the world known as the Flaming Tomb, as close to the Inner Vortex region of the Screaming Vortex as any have gone. However, under the guidance of the Dark Apostle Naberus they have abstained from the constant warfare that grips the many other Chaos warbands of the Vortex. Instead, it is said they desire to see the rise of a great leader in the Screaming Vortex, one who can lead a war of destruction on the Imperium and allow them to follow in his or her wake, converting the survivors to the worship of the Dark Gods.

Warband Appearance[]

Warband Colours[]

Like the Traitor Legion of which they were once a part, the Word Bearers, the Prophets of the Blighted Path's Power Armour is the same colour of spilt blood, a colour often called "Traitor's Red" or "Betrayer's Red," after the Word Bearers changed their colours from slate grey to red during the early days of the Horus Heresy. This colour is sometimes worn with black or silver trim. Heretical prayers are inscribed directly into the surface of the Prophets of the Blighted Path's battle plate. Often times Prophets of the Blighted Path Chaos Space Marines are also seen wearing devotional prayer sheets hanging from their armour's shoulder plates -- the blasphemous words of the Book of Lorgar inscribed upon them.

Warband Badge[]

This warband typically adopts the icon of the Word Bearers Legion, the Latros Sacrum, a stylised representation of a roaring, horned daemon's head wreathed in flames, which represented all that the XVII Legion stood for, all that they believed in so deeply and all that they were willing to kill and die for.


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