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Production Grade is a bureaucratic designation of the Adeptus Terra that indicates the size of each Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World's industrial output. Each Forge World manufactures wargear, vehicles or other equipment for the military forces of the Imperium of Man.

A given Forge World's Production Grade is determined by the division of the Administratum responsible for the overall governance of that world's sector and sub-sector of Imperial space.

Known Production Grades

The known Imperial Administratum Production Grades are listed as follows, from highest to lowest industrial output:

  • I-Maximus (Highest Production Grade)
  • I-Extremis
  • I-Prima
  • I-Secundi
  • I-Tertius
  • II-Maximus
  • II-Extremis
  • II-Prima
  • II-Secundi
  • II-Tertius
  • III-Maximus
  • III-Extremis
  • III-Prima
  • III-Secundi
  • III-Tertius
  • IV-Maximus
  • IV-Extremis
  • IV-Prima
  • IV-Secundi
  • IV-Tertius (Lowest Production Grade)


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