"In midnight clad"

—Book's tag-line

Prince of Crows is a novella published in The Horus Heresy series that was originally part of an anthology. Prince of Crows was first published as part of the Shadows of Treachery main series anthology in September 2012. The cover image used is that of the e-book version of Prince of Crows which was re-published in May 2014.


The Thramas Crusade draws to its inevitable conclusion, with the forces of the Dark Angels and the Night Lords locked in a struggle that neither side can bring themselves to abandon. The Night Haunter lies comatose after being mauled by his Primarch brother Lion El'Jonson, and in his absence it falls to First Captain Sevatar and the remaining members of the Kyroptera to command the Legion. But the self-styled "Prince of Crows" has his own plans to save the VIII Legion from annihilation -- plans he intends to follow, with or without his comrades in tow...


  • Prince of Crows (Short Story) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
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