Power Shields

Example Power Shields utilised by various Space Marine Chapters, including (from left-to-right): Crimson Fists, Blood Angels and Iron Fists

A Power Shield is a compact form of Storm Shield often utilised by Space Marine Assault Squads for additional protection in close combat. Power Shields consist of a thin sheet of Plasteel with a very small power field generator incorporated into the design. The generator produces a power field sufficient to cover the surface of the shield and deflect most small arms fire and attacks by melee weapons.

The shape of a Power Shield varies considerably from Chapter to Chapter. For example, the Crimson Fists favour coffin-shaped shields, while the Blood Angels use a cruciform shield and the Iron Fists bear Power Shields moulded into the form of a medieval gauntlet. Often a cloth banner bearing the Chapter insignia will be hung below the shield, and on ceremonial occasions high-ranking Chapter officials will sometimes be accompanied by a shield bearer outfitted with a Power Shield.


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