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A Chaos Space Marine Helbrute outfitted with a massive, Dreadnought-sized Power Scourge.

A Power Scourge is a type of Power Weapon often employed by the Chaos Space Marines. A Power Scourge is a set of jointed metallic arms tipped with blades that crackle with barely suppressed energy.

In battle, the scourge lashes back and forth wildly, scything through anything -- or anyone -- foolish enough to get close.

Power Scourges of Dreadnought size are often chosen as a melee weapon for use by Heretic Astartes Helbrutes.

Energy Whip

A far larger version of this weapon, known as an Energy Whip, is a close combat weapon used exclusively by Chaos Titans. The triple whip lashes against the target causing light damage but also acts as a conductor for a massive electrical jolt intended to burn out circuitry and control systems in the opposing Titan.

A successful hit with an Energy Whip automatically inflicts psychic shock to the enemy Titan's princeps and moderati in addition to any other damage done. The Energy Whip is also highly effective against buildings and fortifications.

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