A Power Hammer

A Power Hammer is a simple tool used for mining and construction activities on many Imperial worlds. The hammer can generate a low-quality molecular disruption field powerful enough to crack even ceramite.

Because their members are so often concentrated on mining and industrial worlds, Power Hammers are often used as a melee weapon by the warriors of the Genestealer Cults.

They are particularly favoured by the Genestealer hybrid mutants known as Aberrants. Aberrants use these weapons on those they can catch, each swing crushing torsos and breaking spines in a burst of disruptive energy.

Heavy Power Hammer

A Heavy Power Hammer is a variant of the Power Hammer that is larger and can produce even more damage than its smaller counterpart, though it is more difficult to wield.

Power Sledgehammer

The Power Sledgehammer is the largest known variant of the Power Hammer. It is often wielded by Genestealer Cult Abominants and can unleash extraordinary havoc upon anything caught within its reach.


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