"Ours is the destiny of all races to find peace and harmony amongst the stars against the reckless aggression of ancient and fearful empires. We are the new life of the galaxy, a tiny sapling from which a mighty tree will grow, and we will not be denied our right to thrive!"

—Por'O Volescur, T'au Water Caste

Por'O Volescur is a senior member of the T'au Water Caste in the Jericho Reach, known to have been highly successful in negotiating treaties with Human populations in the regions surrounding the Black Reef. Imperial authorities believe that the so-called "Lucent Emissary" has gained a specific expertise dealing with Humans.

This specialisation may date from his studying under the celebrated envoy known as "Aura," who was instrumental in many of the T'au Empire's dealings with Humans before, during and in the aftermath of the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

Though Aura has since disappeared from or retired from active service, those who served beneath him appear to have carried forward many of the lessons he learned from dealing with outcast elements of the Imperium as well as its representatives.

The Lucent Emissary travels the area around the Black Reef in a small, but fast and highly stealthy vessel whose name translates as the Liberation. He is attended by a Fire Warrior cadre configured for and specialising in marine and escort duties, and on several occasions this group has extricated him from the otherwise fatal confrontations.

Por'O Volescur is adept at forming ties with outlying Human worlds and at exploiting any misgivings such worlds might have about the encroachment of the Achilus Crusade.

He has convinced dozens of planetary leaders that the arrival of the Imperium in their orbital sphere can only bring death and destruction, causing such worlds to throw in their lot with the T'au Empire instead.

Several of these planets have since ascended to become full member worlds of the T'au Empire and Human troops raised from their populations serve alongside T'au Fire Warriors and other auxiliaries throughout the Jericho Reach and beyond.

Needless to say, the Imperium considers the Lucent Emissary a high priority target. The Deathwatch have come close to capturing him on several occasions, yet each time he has escaped thanks to the capabilities of his transport vessel and the dedication of his Fire Caste escort.


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