A Ravenwing Black Knight riding a Mark IV Raven Pattern Assault Bike armed with Plasma Talons

A Plasma Talon is an archaic Plasma Weapon commonly utilised by the Ravenwing Black Knights of the Dark Angels Chapter's 2nd Company, commonly called the Ravenwing. The Ravenwing's Mark IV Raven Pattern Assault Bikes have their twin-linked Boltguns replaced with two of these weapons, which are unique to the Unforgiven Chapters. With a range between that of the Plasma Pistol and the Plasma Gun, the Plasma Talon gives the Black Knights a significant boost in firepower. In battle, the Ravenwing Black Knights drive at top speed upon their Mark IV Raven Pattern Assault Bikes towards the foe. On their approach, their Plasma Talons tear holes in the enemy lines before they ride over their quarry, cracking armour and sundering flesh with their Corvus Hammers as they go.


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