An Aeldari Plasma Grenade

A Plasma Grenade is a grenade available to Imperial military forces that uses a deliberate plasma containment failure to unleash a blast of heat and light that bursts forth like a miniature sun. Plasma Grenades are highly lethal against almost all targets.

Plasma Grenades are most commonly only used by those within the Imperium who are able to acquire such relatively advanced technology, such as Deathwatch Space Marines, high-ranking Space Marine officers and specialists within other Chapters, Rogue Traders and Inquisitors. The dense plasma core of an Astartes Plasma Grenade is designed to not be fully consumed in the initial explosion, so it leaves a glowing, energised orb that continues to sear the area like a miniature sun. This tiny stellar body can continue to cause great damage to the immediate area for some time.

The Aeldari and Drukhari also use Plasma Grenades as their standard anti-personnel grenade. The blast blinds and damages the enemy and prevents them from properly utilising the terrain to defend their position against the rapidly advancing Aeldari forces, for whom speed is a primary tactical advantage. It is of note that Imperial Plasma Grenades are cruder, although more potent, than the Plasma Grenades commonly used by Aeldari assault troops.


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