Plasma Blastgun

A Plasma Blastgun mounted on a Mars Pattern Warhound-class Titan

The Plasma Blastgun is among the largest Plasma Cannons in existence, usually mounted on the Astra Militarum's Stormblade super-heavy tanks and on the Adeptus Mechanicus' Titans. Plasma Blastguns are enormous double-barreled plasma weapons capable of two firing modes: a "full" shot, which discharges both barrels at the same time, and a "rapid" shot, which discharges the barrels independently.

A "full" shot is most effective against armoured targets, and the combined power of both plasma bolts is enough to tear apart any armour with ease. It also produces a large amount of splash damage, making it effective against infantry formations as well.

The "rapid" fire mode allows for a larger volume of shots to be fired more quickly, but at a reduction in strength and area effect. Rapid fire is more effective against fast-moving vehicles and large units of infantry, as the cool-down time is lessened considerably.


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