Sunfury Plasma Annihilator 1

A Warlord-class Titan Sunfury Pattern Plasma Annihilator

The Plasma Annihilator is one of the largest known land-based Plasma Weapons. It is often mounted on the arms of Warlord and Imperator-class Titans and delivers sufficient firepower to be considered a "Titan-Killer." Directly linked to their Titan's monstrously powerful Plasma Reactors, a Plasma Annihilator can not only lay down extremely heavy fire, but also do so at a high rate of fire for such a massive weapon. Its ability to devastate a large surface areas make the weapon both formidable and highly desirable. Not much is known about these weapons, beyond their awesome destructive capability.

The plasma unleashed by this weapon explodes upon impact with all the power of a miniature sun, forming craters hundreds of meters in diameter and turning sand into glass. The simple act of firing such a weapon is destructive in-and-of itself as it produces a deafening roar which shatters glass for a kilometre in all directions. Lesser Titans such as Ork Gargants are reduced to little more than melted sludge by the powerful sunfire emitted from a Plasma Annihilator.

Notable Plasma Annihilator Variants

  • Sunfury Pattern Plasma Annihilator - A weapon of terrifying and indiscriminate power, the Sunfury Plasma Annihilator is capable of incinerating entire cityscapes and rendering the strongest armour into steaming vapour. Developed from designs intended for the broadside batteries of void warships, plasma annihilators such as the Sunfury are able to be mounted only on the largest of the Imperium's war machines, such as Battle Titans, as both the reactor-strength required to charge them and the motive power to wield them demand nothing less.




Warlord Titan Weapons and Lucius - Alpha Head

Warlord Titan Weapons and Lucius - Alpha Head

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