A Death Guard Foetid Bloat-drone armed with twin Plaguespitters

A Plaguespitter is a weapon used by the Daemon Engines of Nurgle known as Foetid Bloat-drones and Plagueburst Crawlers to spread noxious diseases to their foes on the battlefield.

As the Daemon Engine floats or rolls over the battlefield, its trailing pipes and tubules suckle rot and filth with idiot hunger to fuel these revolting weapons. The Bloat-drone or Plagueburst Crawler slurps up diseased innards and maggot-thick mud until its putrid flesh is straining and pulsating, refining a hideous cocktail of hyper-concentrated toxic slime. Then, with a disgusting spasm of regurgitation, the drone or Crawler squirts the resultant soup through its Plaguespitters, spraying it in great fans across the foe. No cover or defence can protect the target from this lethal rain of filth. Victims find their bodies convulsing and twisting in the grip of a thousand maladies, rotting and bloating until they collapse into a heap of decaying, highly-infectious matter. Many are still screaming when they do.


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