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The Daemon Plague Toads of Nurgle

A Plague Toad, formally known as a Daemon Plague Toad of Nurgle, and informally often also called "Rot-Eaters" and "Sewer-Kin," are massive, toad-like Lesser Daemons of Nurgle, the Chaos God of disease, decay and rebirth.

Plague Toads are mutated, pseudo-amphibian sacs of brackish filth and pus whose wide maws can swallow a Human whole. Plague Toads are drawn to places in the Materium afflicted with disease and decay, and in such places those Chaos Sorcerers versed in the lore of the Plague Lord can summon these Daemon-vermin into realspace and bind them to their will.

A Daemon Plague Toad of Nurgle

Plague Toads are sometimes taken as mounts by Plaguebearers who serve as Pox Riders, the vanguard cavalry of Nurgle's daemonic Plague Legions in the Realm of Chaos.


  • Bloated Flesh - Most melee weapons simply slide harmlessly through the bloated, abscess-riddled flesh of a Daemon Plague Toad with little effect, the foul bulk of the thing swallowing up blades and bullets alike.
  • Rot-eaters - A Daemon Plague Toad's jag-toothed maw yawns impossibly wide as the abomination prepares to devour its victim.



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