The Plague Mortar used by the Plague Tower Daemon Engine

The Plague Mortar is a large Mortar cannon that is used by the Plague Tower Daemon Engine. The Plague Tower is a large Daemon Engine of Chaos that is completely dedicated to the service of Nurgle, the Chaos God of pestilence and decay.

The Plague Mortar is mounted at the very top of the tower, giving it a 360 degree view of the battlefield. The weapon is capable of firing upon foes located behind cover and within trenches and fortifications, and each shell fired by the weapon is corrupted and diseased; causing any who survive the attack to often die from incurable and ravaging sickness later.

The Plague Mortar is the Plague Tower's longest ranged weapon, and as such it is able to begin the bombardment of enemy fortifications and fortresses at a distance. Once the fortifications have been softened from the Plague Mortar's bombardment, the vehicle can finish off any survivors with its other weapons before unloading its cargo of Nurgle followers and daemons directly into the enemy's defences.


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