Land Raider Crusader2

A Land Raider Crusader of the Black Templars Chapter with a pintle-mounted Multi-Melta

A Pintle-Mount is a type of fixed mount that allows an anti-personnel weapon to freely traverse and/or be elevated while keeping the gun in one fixed position. A pintle-mounted weapon is usually used either by the vehicle's commander or by remote control, to engage secondary targets and immediate threats while the gunner focuses the vehicle's main firepower against enemy armor or major objectives.

The only drawback is that unlike a turret, a pintle-mounted weapon has little to no armour protection. Storm Bolters are the most common weapon used with a pintle-mount by Adeptus Astartes, although Heavy Stubbers are also used by the Imperial Guard. It's also common to mount Autocannons or, occasionally, Flamers. The Forces of Chaos mostly utilise Combi-bolters as their primary pintle-mounted weapon on many of their vehicles.


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