Perturabo: Stone and Iron is the first audio drama for the The Horus Heresy - Primarchs series. Perturabo: Stone and Iron was released as an MP3 format as part of the Black Library's 2017 Advent Calendar, on day 1.

Official Synopsis

The 33rd Grand Battalion of the Iron Warriors, newly raised and seeing battle for the first time, have the honour of the Primarch himself, Perturabo, leading them. But the Hammer of Olympia is there for more than just battle -- he is evaluating his new officers and deciding their fates. And with a force of Imperial Fists allied to their cause, Perturabo sees the perfect opportunity to teach his new warriors the difference between the stone of the VII Legion and the Iron of his own.


  • Perturabo: Stone and Iron (Audio Drama) by Robbie MacNiven
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