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Pellas Mir'san, known as the "Winter Blade" and the "Defender of Nocturne" is a venerable Captain of the Salamanders Space Marines Chapter, and has served as the commander of the 2nd Company for more than a century and a half. He is one of the oldest members of the Chapter still serving.


A legend amongst the Astartes of the Salamanders, the venerable Captain Pellas Mir'san is one of the oldest members of the Chapter still serving, earning him the title of the "Winter Blade" amongst his fellow Battle-Brothers. Captain Mir'san has served as the commander of the 2nd Company for more than one hundred and fifty standard years, and before that served as Chapter Champion for thirty years, remaining undefeated for his tenure. A consummately skilled swordsman, Pellas Mir'san is a former winner of the legendary Trial of Blades. He applies his Chapter's legendary discipline and pursuit of excellence to the duelist's art as well as the creation of some of the finest Power Blades in the Salamander's history. He has lost nothing of his phenomenal skill at arms, despite his skin greying to the colour of cold forge ashes and the light in his eyes dulling to a deep crimson. He has tempered the blade of his wisdom to a fine edge through his experiences with countless enemies and in innumerable conflicts.

Captain Mir'san is most famous for commanding the Salamanders Chapter contingent throughout their involvement during the Badab War against the infamous Tyrant of Badab, Lufgt Huron of the Renegade Astral Claws. Initially, the Salamanders were reluctant to get involved in the internecine conflict, having fought alongside both the Astral Claws and the Fire Hawks as recently as the Lycanthos Drift Campaign of the 810s.M41, and the Chapter was greatly troubled to intervene on either side, despite direct calls do so. When proof was provided to them by the Legate Inquisitor in charge of prosecuting the war that the Astral Claws had broken faith fully with the ancient covenants of the Imperium and embraced the service of Chaos, the Salamanders were forced by duty to act. The Chapter could only send a small force consisting of one Battle Company (the 2nd Company) under the command of Captain Pellas Mir'san, as the rest of the Chapter was already committed elsewhere. Although few in number, the Salamanders' force was heavily engaged throughout the conflict until the bitter end, playing key roles in several important events that defined the course of the war. Captain Mir'san came to be relied upon heavily by Lord Commander Carab Culln of the Red Scorpions, who was the overall Loyalist Astartes commander. Following the infamous incident of the capture of the Salamanders Battle Barge Pyre of Glory, in 909.M41, and the subsequent and infamous "Red Hour," Captain Mir'san believed his Chapter owed a great debt of honour to the Secessionist Executioners, and stood beside them in their final judgement as their advocate.



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