Triach Praetor with with Void Blade

A Triarch Praetorian armed with a Voidblade and Particle Caster

A Particle Caster is a Necron pistol weapon that emits a stream of miniscule anti-matter particles which detonate on contact with normal matter. Necron Particle Weapons are incredibly reliable, needing only enough energy to maintain the containment field that prevents the anti-matter from detonating within the weapon’s mechanisms. Because of the great potential damage they can inflict despite their small size, Particle Casters are most often paired with a close combat weapon.

Triarch Praetorians commonly make use of Particle Casters paired with Voidblades as an alternative armament from their usual choice of the two-handed Rod of Covenant. Canoptek Wraiths can also be armed with Particle Casters.


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