Alpharius Omegon uses the Pale Spear to kill an unfortunate Space Wolves Legionary during the Horus Heresy.

The Pale Spear, also called the Sarrisanata, was one of a number of strange and esoteric weapons associated with Alpharius Omegon, the Primarch of the Alpha Legion. The Pale Spear was rumoured to be a strange xenos artefact whose original forging predated even the rise of the Aeldari.

This double-bladed spear flickered seemingly out of phase with the material universe when wielded, emitting an eerie and otherworldly howling, and was able to pierce any physical defence it encountered without impediment, ripping it apart at a molecular level. Against living matter, it inflicted hideously gaping, bloodless wounds as the flesh where it struck dissolved into oily smoke.

Alpharius wielded the spear when he confronted the Imperial Fists Primarch Rogal Dorn at the Hydra Moon Fortress during the Battle of Pluto. He had rebuilt the spear while leading the XX Legion's forces on a rampage of destruction and terrorism through the Sol System in preparation for the final Traitor assault on Terra.

In individual combat, Alpharius slew Dorn's Huscarls, his elite Terminator bodyguard, and was able to stab the Praetorian of Terra multiple times with the weapon. After Alpharius stabbed the spear into Dorn's chest, the other Primarch grabbed its haft and cut Alpharius' hands off with his own massive Chainsword Storm's Teeth before stabbing Alpharius with the other end of the Pale Spear and then executing him with a slash of Storm's Teeth across the head. It is unknown what happened to the Pale Spear after the Battle of Pluto once it fell into Loyalist hands.


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