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The Overlord is an Imperial aircraft that is used as the primary gunship and assault transport by the forces of the Primaris Space Marines. It was manufactured by the forges of Mars as one of the new designs of Adeptus Astartes vehicles and weapons created by Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl.

It is unknown whether Cawl incorporated recently recovered ancient technology to produce the design, or whether it emerged from his own mind as part of his radical turn towards the former Adeptus Mechanicus heresy known as "innovation."

The Overlord is intended to serve a role for the Primaris Space Marines similar to that of the earlier Astartes Stormbird or Thunderhawk, and is capable of powered flight in both the void and in-atmosphere.

It seems to be an evolution of the Thunderhawk and possesses five powerful plasma engines and a twin hull resilient enough to permit an orbital insertion under fire with its precious cargo of Primaris Space Marines.

The aircraft's cockpit sits between the two halves of the double fuselage.

The Overlord also possesses a similarity to the Corvus Blackstar in that it maintains two large transport bays outfitted with assault doors intended to make it even easier for Primaris Astartes to rapidly exit the aircraft after it touches down under fire in a combat zone.

Unlike its predecessors among Adeptus Astartes air assets, the Overlord makes use of considerably more advanced technology, including the ability to deploy its own Void Shields for enhanced protection.


The Overlord is one of a number of new and more advanced patterns of Imperial military vehicles to have been created for deployment with the new Chapters of Primaris Space Marines raised by Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl during the Ultima Founding.

These vehicles were created in preparation for the Indomitus Crusade begun by Lord Commander of the Imperium Roboute Guilliman in ca. 999.M41.


The Overlord is armed with anti-munitions cannons intended to provide counterfire against incoming enemy assaults, has a nose-mounted Melta Cannon, Desolator Lascannons mounted on its wings and Heavy Bolters affixed on pylons beneath its wings.

A variety of missiles can be mounted to the aircraft's wings, and the flanks of the Overlord are studded with crewed weapons bubbles containing a variety of heavy weapons. The wings may be tipped with gatling lasers.

Transport Capacity

The Overlord can transport at least 80 Primaris Space Marines or Firstborn Space Marines.

During the Battle of Ardium of the Indomitus Crusade, a single Overlord was known to transport one Firstborn Astartes and 39 Primaris Space Marines, some of whom were also wearing the bulkier Mark X Gravis Power Armour.

An Overlord attached to the Indomitus Crusade's Fleet Tertius carried forty Primaris Marines, fifteen of which were Aggressors in heavy Mark X Gravis battle-plate, in each of its twin holds during a boarding action.

Notable Overlords

  • Adriaticus - Adriaticus is an Overlord deployed by the Ultramarines during the Indomitus Crusade.
  • Jove - Jove is an Overlord deployed by the Ultramarines during the Indomitus Crusade.
  • Scion of Ultramar - Scio of Ultramar is an Overlord deployed by the Ultramarines during the Indomitus Crusade.

Adeptus Mechanicus Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the Overlord have not yet been made available by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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