A Drukhari Wrack outfitted with an Ossefactor.

An Ossefactor is a Drukhari biomedical technology used by the Haemonculi to accelerate and alter their fleshcrafting clients' bone growth. The devices have also been pressed into military service and are wielded by Haemonculi and their Wracks with deadly results.

The Ossefactor employs weaponised osteocytic impulsion-waves, normally used by the Haemonculi to craft bone structures and fashion spinal sumps. It projects a focussed overdose of this energy at its victim, triggering uncontrolled osteocytic multiplication.

Bones twist and lengthen violently, shooting out dozens of spurs like the branches of some hideous tree. The luckless victim is rent apart by their own warped skeleton, even as their horrified squad mates find themselves impaled on the calcific spears that burst from their body.


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