Chapter Badge of the Blood Drinkers

Orloc is the Chapter Master of the Blood Drinkers Space Marines Chapter, a Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels. Orloc and his Blood Drinkers participated in the Blood Angels Successor Chapter Conclave held to make plans for the defence of their homeworld of Baal in 999.M41. Orloc was also one of the Blood Angels' Successor Chapter Masters that kept a cool-head during the heated discussions. Orloc was shown to be a pious and respectful Space Marine with his opening remark to the conclave, "Your summons brought me across the Warp from temples on San Guisiga, without explanation, without account, with only decree and I came out of respect for you, great Dante." Orloc and his Space Marines held the Priest Gate of the Tomb of Sanguinius from Baal's besiegers in 999.M41, when the Blood Angels' homeworld was assaulted by both the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan and the Forces of Chaos led by the ancient Bloodthirster Greater Daemon Ka'Bandha.


Orloc is named after the first vampire character to appear in film, Count Orloc, portrayed by the German actor Max Schrek in the 1922 silent movie classic Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens.


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