A Feral Ork Orkeosaurus


A Feral Ork army consisting of several Squiggoths and an Orkeosaurus

The Orkeosaurus is the largest breed of Squiggoth that is used by the Orks. The Orkeosaurus is larger than all other Squiggoths, including the Gargantuan Squiggoth. The Orkeosaurus is usually found amongst Feral Ork tribes and is rarely, if ever, seen in use by the more technologically advanced Ork clans. The massive creature is used as both a beast of burden and as a beast of war by the Feral Orks and the Orkeosaurus is highly valued not just for the carnage it can cause in battle but also for the prestige that it can bring to the Greenskin tribe that possesses one. When the tribe marches off to war they are accompanied by the trumpeting calls and the thunderous tread of their mighty Squiggoths and Orkeosauruses.

The creature is grown from the size of a regular Squiggoth up to its full size by the right fungus nutrients and tender loving care that is provided by a Feral Ork Pigdok. During combat the Pigdok that nurtured the creature will sit proudly high atop the swaying howdah on its back, bellowing out orders as the scurrying gun crews load and fire their weapons, wincing as the odd Grot or Ork loses its grip and plummets out of the tower. The Orkeosaurus is capable of carrying up to 12 Orks (whether Boyz, Nobz or Wildboyz) and several units of Gretchin into combat upon its back-mounted deck. These Orks will man any weapons that are installed upon the armoured decking attached to the creature's broad back. These weapons can include twin-linked Big Shootas and Big Gunz.

The Orkeosaurus' hide is as thick and protective as armoured plating, and can withstand tremendous amounts of punishment. The Orks augment this protection by attaching armoured plating to the creatures, giving them even more durability. The Squiggoth itself is fully capable of smashing infantry and light vehicles beneath its massive limbs, and can use its large tusks to gore enemy combatants that get too close. If an Orkeosaurus is mortally wounded during combat, it may take it a long while to actually realise that it is hurt, or indeed, dead and it may go into an uncontrollable panic-induced rage. In this state it will thrash around and attack anything in sight, friend and foe alike. The Orkeoausrus is capable of rampaging like this for up to ten minutes until it finally dies. The creature can also accidentally kill itself by falling down steep terrain or into deep water where it is so heavy that it will simply drown.


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