The Ordo Scriptorum, also known as The Unsleeping Eye, is one of the Ordos Minoris of the Inquisition. It is one of the seventeen such branches based on Terra itself.

The Ordo Scriptorum is dedicated to the examination and investigation of records and communiqués, as well as overseeing the sporadic conflicts -- the so-called "Wars of the Quill" -- that break out between opposing sects of Imperial scribes. This may seem a trivial, almost facile task in light of the weighty matters pursued by other branches of the Inquisition, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Imperium constantly strains under the weight of its own colossal bureaucracy, and all manner of vital bibelots of information are lost or misfiled through simple human error. Far from Terra, a planetary governor whose world is in uproar looks to the skies for sign of assistance, little knowing that his request for aid has been bound into the spine of an eight hundred page missive on lumen design.

Elsewhere, an Imperial Fleet -- hundreds of voidships all told -- hangs silent in interstellar space, because the documentation updating its orders has travelled from desk to desk, never reaching a recipient with sufficient authorisation.

The Ordo Scriptorum can only intercept a handful of these failures, but even one can prove the difference between the life and death of billions. Moreover, even the rumour that an Inquisitor is supervising a scribe's work is enough to galvanise him to more careful practice, ensuring that fewer such errors occur in the future.


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