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The Battle Sisters of the Orders Sabine accompany the Missionaria Galaxia on missions to rediscover human-settled worlds and to prepare them for re-integration into Imperial society and culture. These Battle Sisters specialise in infiltrating primitive societies and introducing elements of the Imperial Creed to the natives.

This process can take generations as the Sisters arrange royal marriages and act as court advisors. When the Missionaria Galaxia arrives on such a world the local leadership is then primed to accept the spread of the Imperial Cult without struggle or strife.


A little-known group amongst the peoples of the Imperium, the Orders Sabine operate at the very edges of human space, perhaps only returning to Terra or Ophelia VII once in a Sister Sabine's lifetime. The Orders Sabine accompany the Missionarius Galaxia on missions to newly rediscovered human worlds, and they specialise in infiltrating those often regressed and primitive societies that it is believed would oppose the arrival of the Imperium. Sisters Sabine often set themselves up as prophets of the Emperor, preaching the Imperial Cult in secret or fomeming revolt against the religious leaders of a world.

When the Missionarious Galaxia arrives and announces its presence to the world's peoples, the Sisters Sabine will have prophesised such an event, and will lead those natives sympathetic to the Imperial Creed in a sudden and deadly coup against their leaders. Through their work, the Sisters Sabine are often cut off from the Imperium for a great many years, and many have the appearance of having "gone native," adopting the clothing, language and manners of the culture they are infiltrating. It is only when her true purpose is revealed that the Sabine will throw of their disguise and become, once again, a pious servant of the God-Emperor.


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