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The Orders Pronatus is one of the Orders Minoris of the Adepta Sororitas who specialise in retrieving, guarding, studying and repairing artefacts of value to the Adeptus Ministorum.


The Orders Pronatus specialise in retrieving, guarding, studying and repairing artefacts of value to the Ecclesiarchy. This includes the uncounted thousands of holy relics revered by the peoples of the Imperium, but it also relates to items captured by the forces of the Imperium that are considered too powerful or significant to be allowed to fall into enemy hands.

They also have the responsibility of maintaining and blessing the many banners and symbols of the Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas. They have even been called upon to reconsecrate the livery of other Imperial Adepta, as was the case when they repaired the Chapter banner of the formerly disgraced Lamenters Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes after its involvement in the Badab War. It is said that the Sisters Pronatus who repaired the banner wept openly as they did so, so terrible to contemplate were the sins of the Lamenters. To this day, the standard is known as the Banner of Tears.

Some Orders Pronatus are known to have given all in the defence of the artefacts they are charged with guarding or studying, and the fate of the Order of Blessed Enquiry is a salutary lesson in the risks inherent in hoarding an object imbued with the evil of the Ruinous Powers, even if the intent is to safeguard Humanity from their corrupting influence.

Notable Orders Pronatus

  • Order of the August Vigil - One of the Orders Pronatus, specialising in the guardianship and defence of holy relics across the Imperium.
  • Order of the Blessed Enquiry - One of the Orders Pronatus, believed to have been destroyed due to their collection of artefacts of the Chaos Gods. It is rumoured that they had discovered Slaanesh's true name and were responsible for the creation of the anti-daemon weapon known as the Daemonifuge.
  • Order of the Eternal Gate - One of the Orders Pronatus. Imperial records speak of the Order of the Eternal Gate, whose responsibility is the retrieval of ancient or dangerous relics and artefacts for the Ecclesiarchy.


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