"Her blade was her hand, her hand her blade, and with a single strike she did cleave the skulls of the first two abominations in her path. But this was only the beginning of her holy rage. She stood beneath the shower of sickly blood with pistol drawn and prepared to deliver the Emperor's judgement..."

Litany of Canoness Briar, Sister Tariana, Imagifier of the Order of the Thorn

A battle-sister of the Order of the Thorn in combat.

The Order of the Thorn is a minor Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas.

The Order of the Thorn is a rampaging force of battle-sisters that butchers its way to victory.

Having adapted the martial practices of the Order of the Bloody Rose, Sisters of the Thorn enter prolonged states of combat fury, hacking and stabbing at foes until all are slaughtered before them, or until they themselves are made martyrs.

In this way they seek to recreate the last moments of Saint Mina's life, transforming themselves into whirlwinds of death before which the faithless cannot hope to stand.

By battle's end, the pale armour worn by these sisters is covered in crimson gore, while the skin of those placed to rest in the order's crypts is left permanently covered with the ichor of their hated foes.

Notable Sisters of the Thorn

  • Canoness Briar (KIA) - Briar was a canoness of the Order of the Thorn who became a revered martyr of that order after her death in battle. She would be remembered within the Litany of Canoness Briar told by Order of the Thorn Imagifiers like Sister Tariana.
  • Imagifier Tariana - Tariana was an Imagifier of the Order of the Thorn who was known to recite the Litany of Canoness Briar for her battle-sisters during combat.

Order Appearance

Order Colours

The battle-sisters of this order wear tan Power Armour covered by black vestments. The vestments have a red interior.

The weapons of the Order of the Thorn are also often painted black.

Order Badge

The badge of the Order of the Thorn is a thorny vine wrapping around the Adepta Sororitas' fleur-de-lis emblem. A scroll with the name of Saint Mina upon it is draped across the fleur-de-lis.


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