A battle-sister of the Order of the Glowing Chalice.

The Order of the Glowing Chalice is a minor Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas.

As spiritual descendants of the Order of the Ebon Chalice, the sisters of the Glowing Chalice are exacting in their standards of faith and martial prowess.

They have established a chain of sanctuaries across the coreward portion of the Vedill Sub-sector, and have battled multiple Chaos incursions alongside the Tempestus Scions of the 9th Iotan Gorgonnes.

When launching assaults, these sisters attack with the coming of the Terran dawn, striking when Sol and Terra rises over a war-torn world's horizon.

Though the planets on which they battle are far too distant for the light of Sol to reach, the sisters of the Glowing Chalice still feel the Emperor's illumination falling upon them.

The Glowing Chalice draws most of its sisters from the progena of the Schola Progenium located on the world of Vedill I, the same place from which most of the troops of the 9th Iotan Gorgonnes are also recruited.

Order Appearance

Order Colours

The battle-sisters of this order wear black Power Armour covered by red vestments. The vestments have a white interior.

The weapons of the Glowing Chalice are also often painted white.

Order Badge

The badge of the Order of the Glowing Chalice is is a golden chalice from which a halo of golden light is emerging.


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