"To the Gates of Terra"

—Book's tag-line

Old Earth is the forty-seventh volume in the The Horus Heresy series of novels.


Reborn in body and spirit beneath Mount Deathfire, the Primarch Vulkan gathers his most trusted sons and prepares for the final part of his journey. The Legions shattered at Istvaan V have stalled Horus' advance across the galaxy, but fresh cracks are spreading through the alliance between the Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard, along with mysterious rumours of the return of Ferrus Manus. Haunted by a sense of destiny unfulfilled, Vulkan must choose between joining their war of vengeance against the Traitors, or following his own barely understood path all the way to the Throneworld itself.


  • Old Earth (Novel) by Nick Kyme
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