The Imperial Aquila

The Officio Sabatorum is one of the Adepta Minoris that exists within the organisational structure of the Adeptus Terra. Agents of this particular organisation are adept at sabotage and the destruction of designated property ("hard targets") rather than the elimination of specified targets ("soft targets"). They are also highly adept in the art of terrorism, committing violent or brutal acts which are intended to create fear, deliberately targeting or disregarding the safety of civilians. Though certain leeway is given in regards to the deaths of innocent bystanders and additional collateral damage during the course of a mission, direct assassination is not the primary objective of Sabatorum agents. This sets them apart from the Adepts of the Officio Assassinorum. As experts in the art of sabotage and destruction, agents of the Officio Sabatorum specialise in the use of explosive ordnance, toxic poisons and poisonous gas rather than the use of more conventional weapons. Should an agent have to engage a target directly, the mission is already considered a failure. Agents of the Officio Sabatorum are employed throughout the realms of the Imperium of Man and have been positively identified as having been utilised during the Third War for Armageddon.


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