A Genestealer Locus resting upon his Neurotraumal Rod.

A Neurotraumal Rod is a powerful psychic weapon unleashed by the Locuses of Genestealer Cults in defence of their patron, usually the cult's Magus.

The rod of office each Locus carries is no simple staff, but a complex neurological transmitter called a Neurotraumal Rod crafted for them alone by their gene-sect's Magus and Clamavus. It sends out destabilising frequencies designed to upset synapses and thought waves.

When a Magus goes to "negotiate" with a particularly powerful enemy, perhaps one as mentally potent as an Inquisitor or an Arch-cardinal of the Ecclesiarchy, a Locus always stands near at hand.

Should the Magus' unnatural charisma not prove sufficient to achieve the cult's goals, the Locus will subtly turn the ornate handle atop their Neurotraumal Rod so as to increase the field of mental disruption that emanates from the artefact, inducing harrowing visions, splitting migraines or terrifying brain-spasms in the minds of nearby non-cultists.

Those canny enough to realise the source of their sudden anguish may reach for their pistol, only to be cut down in what the Locus and their master can confidently claim to all concerned was an act of pure self-defence.


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