A Neuro Disruptor pistol

A Neuro Disruptor is an elegant xenos psychocrystalline weapon that fires beams of energy capable of burning away nervous tissue in an agonising instant. Armour offers no protection from these weapons, for it is simply bypassed altogether. Indeed, foes hit by a Neuro Disruptor show no outward sign of injury, excepting their sudden, violent convulsions as they tumble to the floor.

This is a weapon which is, or was, manufactured by unknown aliens. Examples occasionally turn up for illegal trade in the Imperium, and are much sought after. Some examples of this weapon are made entirely from the transparent crystalline material, a bit like glass.

Disruptors have no obvious power source or internal workings, although occasionally lights and misty shapes appear within the crystal body. Aeldari Harlequins in particular have been known to make use of this deadly weapon.


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