Nemesis Class Fleet Carrier

Imperial Nemesis-class Fleet Carrier

There are very few examples of the Imperial Navy's Nemesis-class Fleet Carrier in any part of Imperial space and, to date, they are without exception modified Emperor-class Battleships. Many times have plans been approved to build a Nemesis from scratch, only to be shelved time and again due to the Imperium's security requirements elsewhere. The Nemesis represents a huge amount of material and resources that are quite simply better put towards proven starship designs such as the Emperor and Retribution-classes.

However, in the fleet support role, the Nemesis has been proving its worth. Its capability of being able to launch a stunning amount of Attack Craft in a very short space of time has started earning it the respect of Lord Admirals everywhere in Imperial space, though when compared to the Emperor-class, it can be found a little wanting as it must rely on escorting Cruisers when it takes to the battle line, rather than its own raw firepower which is, at best, mediocre. Because of this, it is usually seen only in the very largest of Imperial fleets, deep within the formation, lending out its fighters and bombers to wherever they are most required in the battle space.


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