The Ork Warlord Nekkruncha

Nekkruncha is an Ork Warlord of the Bad Moons Klan whose WAAAGH! invaded the Imperial world of Tarnis, the ancestral home of the Imperial Knights' House Drakkus. A Knight World like Tarnis seemed like the ideal target for a group of Orks looking for both a good fight and excellent loot. Nekkruncha was already the leader of a large Greenskin warband well-supplied with Deffkoptas, Deff Dreads, Gorkanauts and Morkanauts, as well as the abominable Squiggoths. All would be necessary to face down the power of the world's Knights.

Coincidentally -- or due to the fickle will of the Ruinous Powers -- a warband of Chaos Cultists dedicated to the Blood God Khorne attacked Tarnis at the same time as Nekkruncha's WAAAGH! to unleash a sorcerous ritual that would summon the Bloodthirster Felfurion to the Materium. A detachment of the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter under the command of Master Tigraine rushed to aid the beleaguered world. The Astartes arrived too late to assist House Drakkus, as that line of Nobles had been all but extinguished during the Orks' attack on their knightly keep, Fort Drakkus. Only one scion of the House remained, taking up the mantle of the Freeblade and dubbing himself Vortigan. The Astartes and the Knight then embarked on a quest to cleanse Tarnis of its xenos taint and Chaos infection.


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