The Murderghosts are a warband of Khorne Daemonkin Heretic Astartes dedicated to the service of the Blood God.

Little is known about the mysterious Murderghosts, save that they are thought to have formed less than a standard century ago and they make extensive use of Raptors in their attacks.

Warband History

Notable Campaigns

  • Battle of Crimson Snows (Unknown Date.M41) - Though the Murderghosts are a relatively new warband, already their lightning-fast raids upon outposts and shipping lanes in the vicinity of Fenris has won these piratical warriors quite a name. Their latest attack -- which has come to be known somewhat grandiosely as the "Battle of Crimson Snows" -- saw one of Midgardia's principal cities left a collapsed ruin, and earned the personal ire of Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf. Twenty of Iron Wolf's finest warriors fell in Midgardia's defence, their heads taken as trophies by the Murderghosts, and the Wolf Lord has vowed to avenge this insult no matter the cost.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

The Murderghosts' warband colours are not listed in Imperial records.

Warband Badge

The Murderghosts' warband badge is not listed in Imperial records.


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