Multi-tracker 1

A Multi-Tracker T'au Battlesuit support system mounted on a XV8-05 Enforcer Crisis Battlesuit

A Multi-Tracker is a sophisticated T'au fire control system mounted in a sensor node. Infantry and Battlesuit versions of the Multi-Tracker aid the user by coordinating the firing of multiple weapon systems simultaneously, thus allowing the bearer to make full use of their wide armament and become more formidable opponents in a wide variety of battle conditions.

Vehicle-mounted versions of a Multi-Tracker allow the vehicle's weapons to be fired more effectively and with more accuracy when on the move. All Battlesuits are equipped with a Multi-Tracker system as standard, whilst certain Fire Caste infantry may also be found with hard-wired versions of the system. Tau skimmer vehicles can also be upgraded with Multi-Trackers as additional support systems.


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