Moriar the Chosen, Dreadnought of the Blood Angels' Death Company

The Heraldry of Moriar the Chosen, which displays the triple blood drops and grail motifs from when he was Captain of the 4th Company

Moriar the Chosen was once an honoured Captain of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter who fell in battle. So great were his deeds that he was honoured by being entombed in a Furioso Dreadnought -- a walking cybernetic sarcophagus bristling with powerful weaponry. However, soon after being entombed within his new body, he experienced a vision of the Blood Angels' Primarch Sanguinius during the Horus Heresy and succumbed to the Black Rage, thus becoming the Death Company's only Dreadnought -- an almost unstoppable force in battle.


Moriar was once the Captain of the Blood Angels' 4th Company until he fell on the field of battle at Clamorga defending a ridge against the insidious Eldar. His mortal wounds proved too numerous and severe for even the skills of the Sanguinary Priests. As such, Moriar was interred within the Adamantium sarcophagus of a mighty Furioso Dreadnought built by Brother Morleo, which had contained the Blood Angel heroes Belaphon, Dario and Amaretto before him. Upon awakening in his new, nigh-indestructible cybernetic body, Moriar was overcome by visions of Sanguinius' death during the Horus Heresy. Moriar's own near-death state triggered the curse of the Black Rage, an unusual occurrence in Blood Angels Dreadnoughts. Immortal now in his Adamantium shell, Moriar managed to survive the ravages of the Black Rage, hungering for battle and death. He was then given the honour of continuing to serve his Chapter by being placed within the Chapter's infamous Death Company. As the sole Dreadnought to serve with this company of dead men walking, Moriar now fights completely without fear, as befits warriors certain of their own demise, and the furious willpower lent them by the Black Rage. With his Dreadnought body, he has been rendered impervious to wounds that would kill a regular Battle-Brother. Some of the Blood Angels' greatest victories have followed in the wake of the furious assaults led by Moriar the Chosen and the Death Company. Yet despite the glories of Moriar's valorous deeds, a price must be paid, for in the fleeting calm of victory the mighty Dreadnought has sometimes also succumbed to the effects of the Red Thirst. To restrain him when not in battle the revered Brothers of the Armouriam have modified his armoured shell so that he may partake of the blood required to slake that awful curse.


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