Moredakka is an Ork World controlled primarily by Orks of the Deathskulls klan. Formerly known as Mordax, this Forge World of the Adeptus Mechanicus was captured during the 13th Black Crusade by massed warbands of Orks as part of their so-called "Green Krusade" which has ravaged the worlds of the Scarus Sector.


When the Forces of Chaos launched the 13th Black Crusade, Abaddon the Despoiler recruited massed warbands of Orks to act as mercenary auxilias to his Chaos Traitor Legions. Following up on terror raids and cunning feints by the Night Lords and Alpha Legion many of the Orks banded together into ever-growing tribes that declared themselves as part of the "Green Krusade" (or "Green Kroosade" in other sources) in imitation of the grand assault of Chaos upon the Imperium in 999.M41. The Green Krusade inundated the Scarus Sector, battering down Imperial defences with a little help from Chaos Space Marines, particularly of the Night Lords and Black Legion.

Now the Orks rule multiple worlds, including the weapon forges of Mordax, rechristened "Moredakka" by the Orks, whose weapon forges are infested with Lootas of the Deathskulls klan, a truly terrifying prospect to the devotees of the Machine God, who know full well the depths of blasphemy against the Omnissiah to which these barbaric xenos will sink.

Battered survivors speak of hundreds of Gargants being built from the debris of war by enslaved Servitors and their brutal Greenskin overseers. The squat, menacing forms of more Gargant construction sites climb over the plains of Mordax daily as Ork Mekboyz race to be the first to complete their machines. Imperial strategists are now regarding the Green Krusade as a full-scale Ork WAAAGH!. Its Warlords are unknown but it would appear that Ghazghkull and Nazdreg are not among them.


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