Mordant Acid Dog

Mordant Acid-Dog Guardsman

The Mordant Acid-Dogs are regiments of Imperial Guard raised from the Mining World of Mordant Prime, located in the Segmentum Obscurus. The Mordant Acid-Dogs specialise in subterranean tunnel fighting. They are typically deployed to combat zones where the Imperial High Command wishes to take advantage of their natural affinity for dark and confined spaces. The harsh conditions of their world breeds extremely tough and resilient warriors who are perfect for conscription into the military forces of the Imperium.


Mordant Prime is a world situation to the galactic north of the Eye of Terror, and is known for the mining of bioluminescent bacteria from which a unique, highly corrosive acid is extracted. Mordant is classed by the Adeptus Terra as a night world, and its surface is a barren wasteland, totally unfit for human habitation. The only reason humanity exists at all on the world is to mine the strains of luminescent bacteria that grows beneath the surface. Over the millennia, this process has formed a vast chain of caverns and tunnels that connect across the entire world. Within these tunnels mining clans extract the bacteria, culturing it in vast cavern-vats, to bleed off the most corrosive acids known to the Imperium. These extracts are shipped to Forge Worlds across the sector, where they find use in all manner of esoteric processes.

The peoples of Mordant can be split into two broad categories: the acid miners, and everyone else. The minors are organised into an ancient clan structure, and have total control over their business. They exploit cheap local labour; paying the workers barely enough to survive in the run down shanty-caverns they call home. Many of the disenfranchised citizens of Mordant turn to a life of organised crime, and gang violence is the only authority acknowledged amongst many of the deeper settlements. Only the skilled miners who are a part of the ancient organisation of Mordant mining clans, do not suffer from the extreme poverty experienced by the majority of the populace. The Mordant Regiments draw their conscripts from those unfortunate wretches that can no longer tolerate the harsh life of their world and the horrid living conditions, or from those who have earned the dire wrath of one of the many criminal gangs.

Notable Acid-Dog Regiments

  • 13th Mordant "Lucky 13s" - Raised in 596.M37, the 13th Mordant, the so-called "Lucky 13s", was one of the forty-three regiments raised to take part in the Imperial crusade against the Black Crusade of Jihar the Lacerator. This regiment was raised as part of a larger muster brought about by a particularly portentous reading of the Emperor's Tarot. This reading, carried out by a senior Psyker attached to the staff of the Cadian High Command, spoke of the coming of one, "whom the dead fear above all else." So it was that the 13th had trained intensely for the day they would be dispatched to fight one of Humanity's most deadly foes. Despite not having a clue what they might be facing, the 13th Mordant was well versed in the ways of the mutant, and had participated in a number of purges verging the Sentinel Worlds, gaining invaluable combat experience in the process. The 13th were trained and equipped as assault pioneers, proficient in the use of such engineering stores as breaching charges, stummers, flame throwers and the like.

Notable Acid-Dogs

Mortant Officer

Colonel Bane, commanding officer of the 13th Mordant

  • Colonel Bane - Colonel Bane was the commanding officer of the 13th Mordant, having served in the Mordant Planetary Defence Force for many years, and was proficient in small unit actions against the private armies maintained by the smugglers and criminal syndicates of his world. Furthermore, while detached form the 13th he had served in an assault group that put down a mutant uprising in the Scarus Sub-sector, leading the attack on the mutant overlord's hive-lair and ending the uprising. Bane was therefore judged the ideal commander to lead an assault against the mutants of the Gloom Worlds, and his superiors briefed him to seek out and engage the enemy leadership as his highest priority.


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