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The Moray assault ship is a T'au super-heavy atmosphere-capable spacecraft that is a relatively new addition to the armies of the T'au Empire. The Moray was developed to provide heavy fire support for T'au forces without having to call in the power of a full Manta missile destroyer.

The Moray is very similar to the Manta in appearance, but is much smaller and cannot carry any troops. However, it retains the same potent offensive capabilities with its pair of Heavy Railguns, larger versions of the Railgun mounted on T'au tanks such as the Hammerhead and Swordfish, or a phalanx of Heavy Ion Cannons that are networked to fire in unison.

Unlike the Orca, which only drops in from orbit to embark or disembark troops before disengaging again as fast as possible, the Moray is intended to hover slowly above the ground and maintain a constant presence on the battlefield.

The Moray can be regarded as the T'au counter to enemy super-heavy tanks and Warhound-class Scout Titans, and it serves a similar role in the T'au order of battle as the Scorpionfish.


A Moray assault ship's primary weapon can be either a pair of Heavy Railguns designed to unleash destruction at extreme ranges, or a pair of Heavy Ion Phalanxes each featuring a number of Ion Cannons networked to fire in unison.

A Moray is also armed with twin-linked Burst Cannons for close-range self-defence, Interceptor Missiles to counter enemy aircraft, and Tracer Missiles to mark out priority targets for other friendly forces.

All Morays feature a protective Deflector Shield that uses a locally-emitted gravitic field to repel incoming enemy fire.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Technical Specifications

Technical specifications are not yet available for this T'au vehicle from the Ordo Xenos.


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