Mist Reaper

The Mist Reaper of Xyan.

The Mist Reaper is a Tyranid Lictor of Hive Fleet Dagon named for its tactic of using the mists on the Imperial world of Xyan to cover its approach.


In the Orpheus Salient of the Jericho Reach, the Mist Reaper is a mysterious predator that has only been encountered by the Imperium on Xyan. It is believed that the Mist Reaper is a unique form of Lictor, and that it is responsible for many of the recent disappearances from the planet.

The Mist Reaper has also been known to lurk near the boundaries of small communities, taking those who venture into the planet's mists. Under the cover of darkness and the sulphurous fog, it occasionally enters the city proper and abducts inhabitants from their homes.

Seldom are any identifiable remains left behind, leaving most citizens unaware of the Tyranid incursion. Most often, the Mist Reaper prefers to attack from ambush, striking only in areas where both cover and opportunities for concealment are plentiful.


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