A Dvarlock Pattern Mining Laser employed by the forces of the Genestealer Cults.

A Mining Laser was developed by the Imperium to aid its miners in opening up new tunnels. However, it was a powerful enough form of laser technology that it could also be adapted into a powerful weapon. When their range limiters are short-circuited, the Mining Lasers of Imperial mining guilds can make powerful weapons.

Due to their common origins on many of the Imperium's mining and industrial planets, Mining Lasers have become a common ranged weapon among the military forces of the Genestealer Cults.


A Heavy Mining Laser deployed on a Genestealer Cult Goliath Rockgrinder.

The Dvarlock Pattern Mining Laser is a prime example of the weapon, which was discovered and identified being used among the Genestealer Cults by Tempestor Gulack of one of the Tempestus Scions' Kappic Eagles regiments.

The Dvarlock Pattern had been modified by the cultists so that it was powerful enough to blast a hole through a metres-thick voidship bulkhead with a single pull of the trigger. It also possessed three-handgrips, instead of the usual two, indicating it also had been designed to be used with the assistance of a Tertia Pattern Servo-Arm.

Heavy Mining Laser

The Heavy Mining Laser is a larger variant of the standard Mining Laser that fires over a longer range and has been adapted for use as an anti-personnel weapon on a Goliath Rockgrinder.


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