"Because, Lord Admiral, the governor of Pavonis reported that the Gallant currently approaching us was destroyed with all hands five years ago!"

—Inquisitor Ario Barzano, saving the Ultramarines Strike Cruiser Vae Victus from a Dark Eldar ambush
Corsair-class Escort2

A Corsair-class Escort, a Dark Eldar vessel outfitted with a Mimic Engine

A Mimic Engine is a device used on the spacecraft of the Dark Eldar that employs holographic and other unknown technologies to allow them to assume the apparent dimensions and appearance of enemy voidships. This ability allows Dark Eldar raiders to sneak up on their prey unseen. Dark Eldar spacecraft using a Mimic Engine are able to mimic Imperial, Eldar, Ork, Chaos and Tau voidships, but not Tyranid or Necron vessels, so the Mimic Engine has no effect against the vessels of either of those species. A Dark Eldar voidship equipped with a Mimic Engine approaches closer to the enemy before the threat is realised and may open fire or attempt a boarding action before the other vessel realises the true nature of the intruder.


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