Guardsman Kymme, Miasman 114th, "Shrouded Ones"

The Miasman Redcowls are a Militarum Regimentum of the Astra Militarum. The regiments of the Miasman Redcowls hail from the interlocking space station networks that surround the gas giant Miasma XVI. They are known for the fierce green fire that spouts from their Flamers, Hellhounds and incendiary grenades, and though it is more volatile than even Promethium, it stinks to high heaven.

More than one regiment of the Imperial Guard has objected violently to being stationed alongside the Redcowls. Though the "Fire Skunks" are issued with rebreathers and heavy robes to escape the sulphurous stench of Miasma XVI's gases, their fellow regiments are usually not so lucky.

The Redcowls are often placed on the front line, where they burn a path through the foe to create room for their allies. They are deployed sparingly in defensive operations, usually on planets that are considered irretrievable by the Imperium of Man, as the firestorms they create are too destructive to be used on densely populated or high-value worlds.

Notable Miasman Redcowls Regiments

  • 114th Miasman Redcowls Regiment, "Shrouded Ones" - One of the most well-known of Miasman regiments.


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